It is a pleasure to inform everyone that we are now introducing a computing course specially designed for building strong technological foundation for kids.

To succeed in today’s technological age, enrol your kid in our computing course and enable him to adapt and learn the latest computing technologies. It includes the following:

Introduction to Computing

  • Software Basics &Computing Concepts
  • Operating Systems
  • Understanding Inputs and Outputs Devices
  • Software Installation
  • Network Components
  • Computer Security

MS Office

  • Microsoft Office Installation
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft EXCEL
  • Microsoft One Note
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Power Point (Presentation Skills)
  • Microsoft Outlook

Touch Typing Training

  • BeginnerTyping Course
  • Typing Speed Improvement (60 Words Per Minute) Course


  • Internet Research for Student Self-Learning
  • Email Communication
  • Web Browsing
  • Internet Account Management
  • Internet Security & Risks
  • Understanding Computer Networks

Advanced Computing

  • Student Essentials
    • Printing & Scanning
    • Windows Installation
    • Software Maintenance
    • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Graphics Design (CoralDRAW)
  • Video Editing (Vegas Pro)
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